U-Pass BC Technical Support

Having Trouble? Quick Solutions to Common Issues

Having difficulty logging in to the U-Pass BC website?

  • Please ensure you are trying to log in to the correct website. Students can login to the U-Pass BC website at upassbc.translink.ca.
  • If you have received a message that says “Inaccessible User Role” please clear your browser cache, close all browser windows and restart the browser program.  You can also try logging in with a different browser.
  • If you have cleared the cache and restarted your browser, and are still having difficulty logging in to the U-Pass Website, please contact Enrolment Services at 604-827-3053.
  • Do you have more than one CWL? If so, try logging in with your other account. You may also consider contacting the UBC IT Services Help Desk to have your CWL accounts combined.  

Have you successfully logged in to the U-Pass BC site, but appear as not eligible for the U-Pass program?

  • Check to make sure your student ID card has not expired.  Possession of valid student ID is a requirement of the program.  If your UBC card has expired, you can replace it for free by visiting ubccard.ca or the Carding Office at the back of the UBC Bookstore.
  • Students who are registered in exclusively Distance Education courses are not eligible for the U-Pass program.
  • If you have a valid student ID, and are not registered in exclusively Distance Education courses, and have questions about your eligibility, please contact Enrolment Services at 604-827-3053.

Are you having issues with your card tapping correctly on the readers?

  • The most common cause of this issue happens when students accidentally switch compass cards with another user.  Please check that the number on your card matches the number linked to your account at upassbc.translink.ca.  If it does not, simply link a new or unregistered card to your U-Pass account and start using the new card when you ride on transit.
  • If you have a balance owing on your Compass Card, you will be unable to load a new pass until it has been paid. You must settle your unpaid balance through the Compass Card website compass website before your U-Pass benefit will become activated. You may have a negative balance if you are attempting to use your u-pass right after you have loaded your U-Pass benefit. Remember it can take up to 24 hours for activation.

If you are still having difficulties, or want further information about the U-Pass BC program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.