One of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to travel to, from and around the UBC campus is on two wheels. It’s convenient, inexpensive, healthy and fun.

UBC is committed to supporting cyclists and is continually upgrading and expanding on-road infrastructure, campus resources and end-of-trip facilities for our cycling population. Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know about biking at UBC.

Cycling resources on campus

UBC offers a lot of resources for those who bike, or hope to bike, on campus.

  • The Bike Kitchen is the place to go on campus for refurbished bikes, bike parts, learning to do your own bike maintenance or a quick tune-up by the experts. 
  • The AMS Bike Co-op provides the campus community with spaces to fix bikes, share resources and work together.
  • Project 529 is the regional anti-theft bike registration and recovery service designed to identify your bike as your own and return it to you in case of theft. Get your bike registered at the Bike Kitchen or at a pop-up event around campus.
  • New & improved bike cages at 11 locations offer free and secure bike parking for short or long-term use – now with secure key card access using your UBC card and with CCTV (at some locations).
  • Individual bike lockers are offered across campus for $10/month to keep your bike safe and dry.
  • End of trip facilities are located across campus and can be used to freshen up after your bike ride.
  • Purple & Yellow Bike Share is offered by the AMS Bike Co-op as an option for trips around campus. Free membership available through volunteering.

Cycling tips & tricks

Get to know the ins and outs of cycling around campus. Remember that helmets and bike lights are required by law – both at UBC and in the rest of the Metro Vancouver area.

Locking your bike

Vancouver and UBC have very high rates of bicycle theft. It's easier to prevent your bike from being stolen than to have it recovered, so make sure you invest in a good lock and know how to lock your bike properly. 

Locking your bike with a steel u-lock is the best way to prevent theft. Your u-lock should hold the frame of your bike and one of your wheels to a secure bike rack. Only use a cable lock as a secondary lock because cable locks are easily cut. Both the UBC Bookstore and the Bike Kitchen sell steel u-locks on campus.

Another preventative measure you can take is registering your bike with Project 529 at the Bike Kitchen or at a pop-up event around campus.

Sharing spaces on campus

UBC has slow cycling zones that are pedestrian priority within the campus core. These slow zones include Main Mall, Memorial Road, Agricultural Road and University Boulevard. If you want to cycle faster, use campus roads as an alternative during busy times like class changes. Check out all the slow zones.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings, follow traffic signs, use hand signals and ring your bell to share the space with pedestrians and other wheels on campus.

Cycling maps

Getting to know the best way to, from and around campus can make your ride even better. Check out a few popular cycling maps below.

On campus

Off campus

astructure and end-of-trip facilities for our cycling population. Secure bike parking at our shared facilities is free, and racks are available throughout the campus. Bike lockers provide the safest options for securing your bike, and are also available for rent, at $10/month.