Alert - COVID-19 Building Permits and Business Licenses

The following is an update on the current policies and steps that we are taking to keep our staff, clients and the UBC community safe.

What we are doing:

Like you, we are monitoring the situation around the world and updating our operating procedures as needed to ensure business continuity, and are working with our stakeholders to ensure safety.

During this time, UBC Development Services staff is monitoring active construction sites on the academic campus.

Read about COVID-19 Public Health Orders and Guidelines

Building Permit and Business License Intakes

Our offices are currently open and continue to accept permit and business license applications, and conducting inspections and compliance checks.  These activities are conducted with a new procedure as follows:

Our office will no longer be accepting application in person.  Signs are provided for applicants to leave the applications in a basket next to the front entrance of the building.  The application will need to be complete with permit fee attached.  We will only accept cheques, JVs or work order numbers. 

Once the application has been dropped off please notify Deb, at (604) 822-0463.  To request an electronic submission of your BP application please email

For Major Project Building Permit applications, the interim procedure for required documentation is still valid.  If there is a need to discuss matters with staff, please contact the specific staff via email or phone to make arrangements ahead of time.

Inspections and Compliance Reviews

Our office will no longer be conducting inspections in occupied residential suites.  We will work with the contractor on other means to confirm Code compliance.   For other inspections and compliance reviews, the site will need to observe physical distancing and have protocols for COVID-19 in place.  This will be confirmed at the time of inspections and compliance reviews.

We can be reached by email or phone.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this evolving situation.

For more information on recommended COVID-19 safe work protocols:

Grant Miller
Director of Planning: Development Services
(604) 822-6991

Ajay Prasad
Compliance Officer
(604) 822-8039

Deborah MacDonald
Building Permit Clerk
Planning: Development Services
(604) 822-0463

Edmond Lin
Chief Building Official
(604) 822-8051


Joe Gallagher
Plumbing Official
(604) 822-9349

Steven Lecocq
Building Official
(604) 827-0604