Naming Trees and Benches

Naming at UBC is guided by UBC Naming GA6, which sets forth the process for recognizing truly outstanding contributions to the University’s mission in ways that protect and celebrate the core values of the University. Campus + Community Planning received and reviews applications for naming public realm features, such as trees and benches.

1919 Class trees plaque
The first class tree was planted in 1919 and named after the Class of 1919

Campus + Community Planning receives and reviews applications for naming what are called "Class 4 Facilities," which include trees, benches, and small monuments. Naming graduation class trees is an example of how trees are named at UBC. 

When evaluating names for features that are outdoors, we coordinate the naming process with Development and Alumni Engagement and Infrastructure Development, and if the feature is at UBC Okanagan, with Finance and Operations at UBC Okanagan). Approval may also be required from the UBC President's Office and the university Naming Committee.

To learn more, see the UBC Naming Policy below.

See UBC Naming Policy

You can also read about the UBC Graduation Tree Planting Ceremony that connects graduation class years with trees on campus.