About Us

Welcome to Campus + Community Planning (C+CP)!

We are the urban planners, designers, public consultation professionals, building inspectors, sustainability experts and support staff making the decisions that create the physical environment at UBC, shaping your experience of campus. Our key responsibilities include long-range planning, land use regulations, campus and landscape design, licensing and permits, managing programs that cover sustainability initiatives to transportation and community-building activities.

When UBC was founded, the Minister of Education at the time envisioned a campus that was “a small city which is capable of being made one of the most interesting and beautiful in the world.” Now, C+CP plays a critical role in ensuring that we’re following through on that vision, and more importantly, with sustainability in mind: we’re transforming what’s been a commuter campus into a vibrant, sustainable, live-work-learn community of scholars.

C+CP comprises three offices: planning and design, campus sustainability, and transportation planning. And all of the work we do ultimately supports UBC’s visionary plan, Place and Promise

Regulating Campus Development

C+CP provides the regulatory structure for building the buildings, structures and spaces on campus lands. We establish and administer a variety of land development, building, and construction procedures and regulations, and we process applications for all planning, construction of buildings and site work. Through this regulated development permit process, we issue the necessary permits to industry professionals, consultants, homeowners or business owners. Our other responsibilities include:

  • ensuring the application and permits adhere to applicable statutes, Metro Vancouver bylaws and University policies and regulations,
  • advising on land use, development policies and the implementation of planning initiatives, and
  • reviewing documents and legal agreements that relate to the use of UBC lands and buildings.