UBC Endowment

More than 100 years ago the Provincial Government established the Point Grey campus lands as a lands trust for the University with the specific purpose of raising capital for starting up and operating UBC.

Since the development of UTown@UBC, UBC’s residential community, in the 1990’s, land lease proceeds have contributed over $343 million to various endowments; approximately 30% of the total value of the UBC Endowment. With an annual spend rate of 3.5%, land lease proceeds provide the university with approximately $12 million in funding annually.

These funds help support UBC’s academic mission to be a globally significant university and a leader in student experience, teaching and research by supporting a range of academic and infrastructure initiatives including:

  • Over $30 million in funding to Scholarships and Chairs through donor match fund contributions;
  • $68 million to the Student Housing and Financing Endowment from 2011-present;
  • Financing of capital projects, including: o Irving K. Barber Learning Centre ($2 million),
    • Robert Lee Graduate School ($5 million)
    • Centre for Comparative Medicine ($1 million);
  • $5.8 million to professorships and $4.0 million to fellowships (President’s Match Endowment);
  • $1.25 million to The Martha Piper Fund, to establish and advance collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects between UBC faculty members and international partners;

UBC's first major community development on campus, Hampton Place generated $80 million for core academic use, such as fellowships for graduate students. Here's a snapshot of the major beneficiaries of land leased:

  • Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies ($15 M)
  • UBC's Social Science and Humanities Fund ($15 M)
  • Graduate Student fellowship matching ($10 M)
  • Faculty of Arts ($6 M)
  • Faculty of Science ($5 M)
  • All faculties received additional matching