UBC Endowment

More than 100 years ago the Provincial Government established the Point Grey campus for the purpose of establishing a site for the university and for raising capital for starting up and operating UBC.

UBC’s Endowment provides ongoing financial support for research and funding to enable academic excellence. The Endowment includes generous donations from individuals and groups. It also includes revenue from land development.

UBC is the steward for 994 acres of campus endowment lands. The province gave these lands to UBC almost 100 years ago with the vision that land development would support a ‘margin of excellence’ beyond what a publicly-funded university could achieve. UBC generates land development revenue by leasing neighbourhood lands for 99 years and by developing and managing rental housing. UBC then endows the revenue, which generates income to support the academic mission. In this way, UBC preserves both its lands and the revenue in perpetuity for faculty, students, research and staff.

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