UBC Endowment

More than 100 years ago the Provincial Government established the Point Grey campus for the purpose of establishing a site for the university and for raising capital for starting up and operating UBC.

Since the development of UBC’s residential community in the 1990’s, land lease proceeds have contributed approximately 30% of the total value of the UBC Endowment. With an annual spend rate of 3.5%, land lease proceeds provide the university with approximately $12 million in funding annually.

These funds help support UBC’s academic mission to be a globally significant university and a leader in student experience, teaching and research by supporting a range of academic and infrastructure initiatives including funding to:

  • Scholarships and Chairs through donor match fund contributions;
  • The Student Housing and Financing Endowment from 2011-present;
  • Capital projects, including:
    • Irving K. Barber Learning Centre ($2 million),
    • Robert Lee Graduate School ($5 million)
    • Centre for Comparative Medicine ($1 million);
  • Professorships and fellowships (President’s Match Endowment);
  • The Martha Piper Fund, to establish and advance collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects between UBC faculty members and international partners;

UBC's first major community development on campus, Hampton Place generated $80 million for core academic use, such as fellowships for graduate students. Here's a snapshot of the major beneficiaries of land leased:

  • Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies ($15 M)
  • UBC's Social Science and Humanities Fund ($15 M)
  • Graduate Student fellowship matching ($10 M)
  • Faculty of Arts ($6 M)
  • Faculty of Science ($5 M)
  • All faculties received additional matching