Rose garden

Prime activities: enjoying the scenery, relaxing, reading

Located North of Koerner Library and flagpole plaza, UBC’s rose garden offers a spectacular view of the ocean and mountains. Nothing says summertime like the sweet smell of roses, the crisp ocean breeze and a good read on a sunny afternoon. Make a little ‘Zen time’ in your day, and head down to this scenic location where you’ll find more than a dozen different rose species in a variety of colours in bloom between the months of June and September.

University Boulevard Fountain at Martha Piper Plaza

Prime activities: people watching, meeting up

The intersection of University Boulevard and Main Mall is the busiest intersection at UBC, crossed by thousands of people every day. Sitting by the new fountain at Martha Piper Plaza is the ideal spot for meeting up with friends, watching passerby and enjoying the vibrant energy of campus life.

Fairview Square

Prime activities: picnic lunch, playing Frisbee or bocce ball

Next time you’re taking a stroll on Main Mall, be sure to stop by Fairview square – a new outdoor commons beside UBC’s Earth Sciences Building. This fun public space features lots of outdoor seating arrangements, including ‘Wave’ chairs and large tables that are perfect for outdoor lunches, lounging or simply hanging out. The large open lawn in Fairview Square is also great for tossing a Frisbee or taking part in other casual sports activities.  

University Boulevard Cascading Stormwater Feature

Prime activities: reading, studying

The soothing sound of water flowing down University Boulevard is a welcome distraction to calm the mind and cozy up to a good book or catch up on summer class study material.

Pop Rocks at Koerner

Prime activities: sun soaking and socializing

Looking for a soft comfortable spot to sit outside, rest and soak up the sun? Head out to Koerner Plaza and try out UBC’s new Pop Rocks! These innovative pillow-like shapes are made entirely from recycled materials and are great for informal gatherings and socializing.

The Harvest Table in front of the School of Population and Public Health

Prime activities: informal get-togethers and down time

Let’s face it, most picnic tables typically fit four people comfortably (elbow room is nice). So next time you’re trying to squeeze 6 to 8 folks in for a group meeting, opt for this large and spacious outdoor harvest table instead! Made from a reclaimed old cedar tree trunk, this lovely wooden table is a great spot for informal learning session, chatting and enjoying some fresh air. What better way to spend a study group meet-up session than in the great outdoors on a cool fall afternoon? (wearing a knit wool sweater and drinking hot chocolate may actually enhance this already perfect experience).