Technical Guidelines

The UBC Technical Guidelines are used by architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants who provide development services to UBC to meet the University’s standards for building quality and performance.

Download: UBC Technical Guidelines 

The guidelines apply to the design, construction and renovation of University-owned institutional buildings and outline the following:

  • Mandatory minimum standards for UBC
  • Suggested applications that meet UBC goals
  • Acceptable practices
  • Common systems and components
  • Performance criteria
  • Procedural standards
  • Environmental impact requirements

The UBC Technical Guidelines ensure:

  • High quality, sustainable physical environments that meet the needs of the University community
  • Functionality, reliability and serviceability of facilities, systems and components
  • Minimum lifecycle cost of ownership including design, construction, operating and maintenance costs
  • Flexibility for growth and change
  • Strong, positive and enduring quality of physical surroundings
  • Environmental responsibility and sensitivity
  • Resource efficiency (e.g. energy, water, materials)
  • Universal accessibility
  • Safety and security
  • Value in facilities and infrastructure investment

The Technical Guidelines will be updated regularly to reflect ongoing developments in design and construction.