Accessibility at UBC

We are committed to improving the way students, faculty, staff and visitors access and navigate our campuses. Regardless of their age, background, interest or ability, we want to remove any significant barriers that would prevent them from being able to participate as independent members of the UBC community.

Accessibility plays an important role in the design and development of UBC’s physical landscape. At UBC Vancouver, our unique history and geography can present challenges for people, particularly for those who live with a disability or use mobility aids.

Campus + Community Planning works to resolve physical accessibility issues on campus. For example, by conducting physical-access audits of campus facilities, we can address the specific accessibility needs of individual students and fast-track renovations that improve access to buildings, public spaces and campus services.

We recognize that accessibility is an important part of being a safe, healthy, sustainable campus community. A truly accessible campus environment enables people of all abilities to lead full, active lives and thrive socially and intellectually. 

For more planning information, further detail is available in sections 2 & 3 of the Vancouver Campus Plan

UBC Access and Diversity also provides leadership on issues of accessibility for people with disabilities at UBC Vancouver, working in partnership with faculties to foster inclusive learning, living and working environments for students, faculty and staff.