Filming Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who do I contact?

Arlene Chan, Events & Film Liaison, at or 604.822.6555.

Is there an application form?

Not for commercial photography or filming. We are working on a form, which will be similar to the City of Vancouver's application form.

There is a student application form.

How much does it cost to film at UBC?

Standard fees, excluding taxes, are:

  • Location Fee: $2,500 per shoot day, or $1,250 per prep or wrap day.
  • Parking: $1.25 per linear foot; $25.00 per day per parking space in parkades.
  • Security: $60 per hour. At least one security person or department liaison is required during filming
  • Plant Operations: Hourly rate for personnel for air conditioning units, electricians, etc.
  • Ancillary Facilities: Additional contracts and room rental fees are required for ancillary locations, such as the Chan Centre, Cecil Green Park, any of the sport facilities, etc.

Other fees may be incurred depending on location and filming requirements.

Will you give us a break on your fees?

Fees are standardized for the entire industry. Rates will be negotiated for film shoots that are longer than two weeks, still photography shoots with minimal impact, or when you are filming at an ancillary facility.

Is there a break for film students?

Yes. Location fees are waived for bona fide film students. There is a student application form for these shoots. Students are required to pay all the other applicable fees such as parking, security, plant operations, building rentals, etc.

Will you accompany us on a location scout?

We believe you are best served to deal with us primarily by phone in the initial stages. We can provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of the building contacts, and you can contact them directly to determine the best time for scouting at their location. However, we can provide location liaison at an hourly rate.

For all on-campus film requests, please contact Arlene Chan, Events & Film Liaison, at 604.822.6555.

Can we film anywhere on the UBC campus?

Most buildings owned and/or operated by UBC are available for filming depending on their schedules. Some buildings are not avaialble for filming or photography. Each location must be contracted individually to determine availability. For detailed information and contacts for different locations please contact Arlene Chan, Events & Film Liaison at 604.822.6555.

There are some areas not under UBC's jurisdiction, such as TRIUMF, BC Research, UBC Hospital, and the Vancouver School of Theology. You will need to contact these facilities directly.