Land Use Plan

UBC’s Land Use Plan establishes generalized land uses and provides policies and other criteria for development of UBC's Vancouver campus.


“Through future planning initiatives associated with the Land Use Plan, a special university community will evolve through innovation, renewal, and a quest for excellence based on experimentation and demonstration. It will be a diverse and stimulating place for living, working, and learning in harmony with the environment.”

Legal Context

The Land Use Plan covers UBC’s Vancouver campus lands at Point Grey in Electoral Area ‘A’ of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  The Land Use Plan was approved and is amended by the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development in consultation with the Minister of Advanced Education under the provisions of the Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act No.3, Part 10 – 2010.

For so long as the Land Use Plan is in effect, the Board of Governors must ensure that all agreements entered into by the University - all rules, resolutions or similar authorities issued or adopted by the Board of Governors - and all permits, licences and land development undertaken or authorized by the Board of Governors are not inconsistent with the Land Use Plan.

Relationship to Other Plans

The Land Use Plan sets out areas for Academic activities, which are consistent with the Vancouver Campus Plan and areas for Neighbourhood Housing where non-institutional development can take place in conformity with the approved Neighbourhood Plan for the appropriate neighbourhood housing area. These area plans and the campus plan must be consistent with the Land Use Plan.  Each of the neighbourhood plans contain provisions for any variances between a neighbourhood plan and the Land Use Plan.  In these cases, the Land Use Plan will prevail.