Chancellor Place

Located north of the Gage Residences, Chancellor Place is bound by Wesbrook Mall on its eastern border. Restored to its original grandeur, the granite Iona Building stands at the head of this neighbourhood. Duplex townhomes along Chancellor Boulevard are complemented by apartment condominiums in the interior of the neighbourhood.


To retain and enhance the academic and teaching missions of the partnership colleges and establish an integrated community.


Chancellor Place is located at the intersection of Chancellor Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall.




Chancellor Place is the result of a unique partnership between four theological neighbours:

UBC and UBC Properties Trust are also partners.


Here are some of the prominent features of the Chancellor Place neighbourhood:

  • A range of student, faculty and staff housing
  • A network of public open spaces
  • Renovation and renewal of the historic, granite-clad Iona Building
  • Retention of the chapels of St. Andrew’s, St. Mark’s and the Epiphany
  • Home to the consolidated facilities of the Vancouver School of Theology


A total of 625 neighbourhood residential units are permitted in this neighbourhood, of which:

  • 155 units are rental housing
  • 470 units are family housing

In addition to neighbourhood housing, a total of 350 institutional residential units are permitted in this neighbourhood.


Chancellor Place has a permitted density of 1.2 FSR (floor space ratio) for residential land and 2.75 for institutional land. 


The plan for this neighbourhood was approved in October 2001 and amended June 2011 and February 2014. Some housekeeping updates may be required from time to time to remain consistent with the Land Use Plan.

Additional Information

To guide the development of the Chancellor Place Neighbourhood Plan, an Advisory Planning Committee and UBC Technical Advisory Committee were formed and several Public Open Houses were held.

Technical Advisory Committee

Supplemental Information

  • Comments, Open House September 10, 2001 On September 10, 2001, an Open House was held to provide the public with an opportunity to see the work done to date on the Theological Neighbourhood Plan, University Boulevard Neighbourhood Plan, and Mid Campus Neighbourhood Plan.