Hampton Place

Hampton Place was established before UBC’s Official Community Plan, but remains a vital part of UTown@UBC, with the distinction of being the first UBC Vancouver neighbourhood.


To deliver the first multi-family residential community to UBC Vancouver.


Hampton Place is located at the northeast corner of West 16th Avenue and Wesbrook Mall.




Hampton Place was officially opened in 1989.


Hampton Place was the first major family housing neighbourhood constructed at UBC Vancouver, pre-dating UBC’s Land Use Plan (formerly called the Official Community Plan, or OCP). It was the first major project of the UBC Properties Trust, and generated $80 million of endowment principal. All proceeds were endowed for core academic use. Among the largest beneficiaries were the Social Science and Humanities Fund ($15 million), Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies ($10 million), Graduate Student fellowship matching ($10 million), Faculty of Arts ($6 million) and Faculty of Science ($5 million).


Here are some of the prominent features of the Hampton Place neighbourhood:

  • 957 residential units located in 11 buildings
  • Approximately 2,000 residents
  • Original residents were retirees and older adults, but today, there are many families with children


A total of 957 new residential units were constructed for this neighbourhood, all of which were designated family housing.


Hampton Place was established before UBC’s Land Use Plan (formerly called the Official Community Plan, or OCP) and as such, does not have a neighbourhood plan. However, it remains an important part of UTown@UBC and is represented by the University Neighbourhoods Association.

Additional Information

For more information about Hampton Place, visit the University Neighbourhoods Association.