Hawthorn Place / Mid Campus

Hawthorn Place provides a variety of housing options, including faculty and staff rental housing, faculty and staff co-development housing and family housing. Design of the public space incorporates a greenway and parks. Pedestrian paths and cycling routes replace parking areas and assist in traffic calming.


To create a new neighbourhood with a distinct university town character that combines residential use with academic influences while providing a high quality of life for its residents.


Hawthorn Place is located south of Thunderbird Boulevard between East Mall and West Mall.




Hawthorn Place was completed in 2007.


Hawthorn Place neighbourhood (formerly called Mid Campus neighbourhood) was designed to complement the surrounding area and provide an array of housing opportunities including faculty and staff housing. Pedestrian pathways and cycling routes have replaced parking areas and assist in traffic calming. Other amenities, including a community centre, add to the appeal of this neighbourhood.

Two sites in the southern part of the neighbourhood have been retained for University-related research facilities.


Here are some of the prominent features of the Hawthorn Place neighbourhood:

  • A range of faculty and staff housing
  • A greenway that connects pedestrians from the academic core to Thunderbird Stadium
  • A new community green space, Jim Taylor Park
  • The Old Barn Community Centre
  • Retention of Rhododendron Wood
  • Local commercial services


A total of 709 new residential units were constructed for this neighbourhood, of which:

  • 353 units are family housing
  • 229 units are faculty and staff rental housing
  • 127 units are faculty and staff co-development housing


Hawthorn Place has an approximate density of 1.46 FSR (floor space ratio).


The plan for this neighbourhood was approved in November 2001. Some housekeeping updates may be required from time to time to remain consistent with the Land Use Plan.

Additional Information

To guide the development of the Hawthorn Place (formerly Mid Campus) Neighbourhood Plan, an Advisory Planning Committee and UBC Technical Advisory Committee were formed, and a Public Open House was held.