UBC Neighbourhood Plans + Planning Process

Family housing on the Vancouver campus is located in seven areas called ‘Neighbourhood Plan areas’.

Family housing at the Vancouver campus is located in seven local areas called ‘Neighbourhood Plan Areas’. The UBC Board of Governors approves Neighbourhood which are developed by the Campus and Community Planning office in consultation with the campus community and external stakeholders.  Neighbourhood Plans must be consistent with policies and guidelines established in UBC’s Land Use Plan and the UBC Development Handbook. To date four of the seven Neighbourhood Plan areas have been completed or are under construction.

Each Neighbourhood Plan contains detailed land use plans, development controls, design guidelines, and servicing and transportation strategies consistent with UBC’s Land Use Plan.

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Special Plan Areas

In addition to Neighbourhood Plan Areas, UBC’s Land Use Plan (Shedule C) identifies two locations on campus as ‘Special Plan Areas’: North Campus and University Boulevard. Each of these areas has unique qualities that distinguish them from the rest of the neighbourhood housing areas on campus, with specific policies that pertain to them in the Land Use Plan.