Vancouver Campus Public Art Strategy

UBC's goal is to create a major collection of public art for the education, inspiration and pleasure of the university community and of visitors to the Vancouver campus.

The Vancouver Campus Public Art Strategy outlines the land-use planning context, relevant players and public art objectives for UBC's Vancouver campus. Building on and greatly expanding the current holdings of public art on campus, new outdoor public art will be carefully selected, prominently displayed and attentively curated.

Public Art at UBC, also commonly referred to as public art, refers to works produced in any medium and installed in public outdoor spaces; therefore, accessible to everyone. The term signifies particular kinds of art practices, sometimes marked by community involvement and collaboration. In recent years, ideas about public art have expanded in scope to embrace practices that are sometimes process-based and ephemeral. The commissioning of such public art usually results in permanent artworks and sculptures, but can also lead to less permanent installations. The range of possibilities for public art is wide, constantly changing, and subject to debate.

In building its collection of outdoor art, the university will keep in mind both the vantage point from which it addresses the world and the larger world of ideas with which it must always be in-touch.