Projects + Consultations

Transforming UBC from a commuter campus to a vibrant and sustainable campus community takes careful planning, coordination, and consultation.

At any one time there are multiple projects and consultations happening on campus. Browse through this section to learn more.

Projects and Consultations are divided into the following categories:

  1. Consultations + Engagement – Plans or policies currently undergoing a public consultation process
  2. Current Applications – Applications for building projects that are still being processed and construction has not yet begun.
  3. Projects Under Construction – Projects that have been approved and are currently under construction.
  4. Completed Projects – Projects that have been completed, either through finished construction or the adoption of plan or policy amendments.

Our consultations may entail in-person workshops, open houses or surveys, but they always include an online component where you can provide your feedback, within the consultation time period, at your convenience.