Completed Projects + Consultations

We would like to thank the campus community for its continued support and patience during this period of intense construction activity. With sidewalk and road closures, we ask that you continue to follow any temporary detours for your safety.  Signage for pedestrians and motorists are posted near construction sites, in addition to safety personnel for guidance. Status updates on campus construction projects is available on the Infrastructure Development website.

In addition to aesthetic enhancement of the campus, all public space upgrades improve usability, environmental sustainability and quality, safety and security through:

  • Improved night lighting for pedestrians;
  • Conversion of roads to pedestrian only corridors;
  • Well drained pathways;
  • Site furnishings (e.g. benches and tables) for informal study and social interaction;
  • Reduction of paved surfaces, new plantings and ecological stormwater management;
  • Reduction of the number of cars on campus by encouraging public transit and active transportation such as walking and cycling.

Enhancing the pedestrian experience on campus is an integral part of the Public Realm Plan. Read this eNewsletter article to learn more about the projects in the pedestrian core of campus.

Below is a list of completed projects and consultations from the last three years, with links to more information on each. Filter the list by clicking on either "Project Name" or "Project Area"

Project Name Project Areasort descending
Engineering Bike Shelter Academic Lands
H.R. MacMillan - New Rooftop Exhaust Stack Academic Lands
Bioenergy Research + Demonstration Project Academic Lands
Totem Park Dining Hall Expansion Academic Lands
Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre (EDC) Academic Lands
New SUB Antennas Academic Lands
Brock Commons Student Residence Academic Lands
When Women Rise Sculpture Academic Lands
David Lam Renovation and Landscape Academic Lands
Natural and Artificial Turf Soccer Fields Academic Lands
Orchard Commons | Vantage College Academic Lands
Quantum Matter Institute Academic Lands
Chemistry Bike Shelters Academic Lands
Earth Sciences Building (ESB) Academic Lands
Totem Park Residence Infill Phase 2 Academic Lands
Chan Gunn Pavilion Academic Lands
Alumni Centre Academic Lands
Indian Residential Schools History and Dialogue Centre Academic Lands
Aquatic Centre Academic Lands
District Energy Centre Academic Lands
Library Garden Academic Lands
Engineering Student Centre Academic Lands
Library Preservation and Archives (PARC) Academic Lands
McGavin Rugby Centre Academic Lands
Ponderosa Commons – Phase 2 Academic Lands
Pharmaceutical Sciences Building + Centre for Drug Research and Development Academic Lands
Sports Courts and Field - Totem Park Residence Academic Lands
Walter H. Gage Residence Landscape Renewal Academic Lands
Centre for Brain Health Academic Lands
New Student Union Building (SUB) Academic Lands
Baseball Training Facility Academic Lands
Ponderosa Commons – Phase 1 Academic Lands
Life Building Academic Lands
St. John's Hospice Academic Lands
TRIUMF - ARIEL Project Academic Lands
National Soccer Development Centre Academic Lands
UBC Bookstore Academic Lands
Thunderbird Park Baseball Field Phase 2 Upgrade Academic Lands
2014 UBC Transportation Plan Consultation
Ideas Fair-Outdoor Areas Around the SUB Consultation
UBC GamePlan Consultation
Thunderbird Park Precinct Plan Consultation
Neighbourhood District Energy System Consultation
Faculty Input Opportunity: Proposed Replacement of Faculty Home Ownership Program and Policies Consultation
Aquatic Centre Consultation
UBC's Regional Context Statement Consultation
Updating REAP 2.1 Consultation
Ponderosa Commons Consultation
Public Hearing – Land Use Plan Amendments 2012 Consultation
Wesbrook Place Transportation Update Consultation
Pop-Up Consultation Series Consultation
Proposed Campus Shuttle Route Changes Consultation
Thunderbird Park Transportation Study Consultation
Gage South and Environs Consultation
South Campus Neighbourhood Amendment Process Consultation
UBC Neighbourhoods Child Care Needs Survey Consultation
Climate Action Plan 2020 Consultation
Library Garden Design Process Consultation
Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (ISMP) Consultation
Wesbrook Place Design Vision Supplement + Neighbourhood Plan Amendment Consultation
Cellular Radio Frequency Study Consultation
University Boulevard Precinct Planning Consultation
Axis Rental Tower Neighbourhood Lands
Temporary Beach Volleyball Courts - Lot 1 Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Lands
East Campus Lot 4 Neighbourhood Lands
St. Andrew’s Hall Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Community Centre Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lots 27 & 29 Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 32 (Prodigy) Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Community Field Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Wayfinding and Developer Signage Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 3 Highrise (Academy) Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 22 Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 31 (Sail) Neighbourhood Lands
Lot E - Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Lands
East Campus Lot 1 Highrise Neighbourhood Lands
East Campus Park Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 23 Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 15 Neighbourhood Lands
Mundell Park Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 6 (Binning Tower) Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Lot 3 Webber House (formerly Lot 45 Village Green) Neighbourhood Lands
Tapestry - Antenna Neighbourhood Lands
University Hill Secondary School – Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Lands
Somerville House Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 28 (Rental) Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Lot 13 Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Lot 30 (Ultima) Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Granite Terrace III Neighbourhood Lands
Wesbrook Place Modern Green Neighbourhood Lands
Central (University Boulevard Site B) Neighbourhood Lands
Platform for Local Material Ecologies Temporary Pavilion Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Totem Park Residence Landscape Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Agricultural Road Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Buchanan Courtyards Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Fairview Commons Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Health Sciences Courtyards Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Main Mall Upgrade Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Dentistry Courtyard Public Realm Improvements Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Memorial Road Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Health Precinct Improvements Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Engineering / EDC Courtyard Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Pop Rocks Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
University Boulevard Water Feature Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Biosciences Pathway Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Wolfson Field West Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
University Commons Phase 1: University Square Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Frank Forward Pathways Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Geography Courtyard Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Skatepark Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
"The Shadow" Exterior Artwork Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
Campus Entryways Public Spaces + Campus Landscape
University Boulevard Construction Transportation
16th Avenue Improvements Transportation
West 16th Avenue Pedestrian Crosswalk Project Transportation
Binning – West 16th Corridor Improvements Transportation