David Lam Renovation and Landscape

The proposal is for the David Lam basement level renovation and landscape.

DP13034 (BP 14006)

David Lam Management Research Centre - 2015 Main Mall

  • DP Application Received - December 5, 2013
  • Development Permit Issued January 28, 2014
  • Start Construction - Spring 2013



The scope of work is primarily interior, and includes a new suite of learning studios and offices in the basement of the David Lam Management Research Centre at the Sauder School of Business.A critical component of the design brief is to improve the connection between the David Lam Basement and the rest of the school, which is currently only served by a single elevator. To achieve this, minor improvements are proposed for two access points into the basement. The first consists of an extension to the existing vestibule on Main Mall to encapsulate seldom-used Exit Stair no. 5. This has the effect of providing direct interior access between the David Lam Basement and the rest of the school. It also increases safety by reducing a poorly lit and unoccupied portico that sits between the vestibule and the entrance to the Tim Horton's restaurant to the north.

The second consists of improvements to the primary entrance to the David Lam Basement, accessible from Agricultural Road. In order to improve its connection to Agricultural Road and overall safety, a new entry court is proposed consisting of new floor-to-ceiling glass, an overhead canopy, landscape seating and improved lighting. The landscape will be thinned out to allow deeper light penetration and better visibility.


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