Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (ISMP)

In 2013, UBC developed an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan to responsibly manage the stormwater that falls on UBC’s Vancouver campus through the addition of detention facilities.


To manage rainfall on campus, UBC developed an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) in 2013. In addition to the four large stormwater catchment areas on campus, the ISMP looked to install three large detention facilities and several smaller ones. These detention facilities could be open, underground or oversized pipes that store large volumes of water while releasing the water at a slower rate than it arrives. Some of the benefits of detaining stormwater on campus before releasing it back into the ocean include:

  • Reducing the risk of erosion by slowing down the flow and quantity of stormwater being released at the outfalls
  • Reducing the turbidity of stormwater by allowing sediments to sink to the bottom of the detention facilities
  • Improving water quality by removing sediments before stormwater reaches the ocean

Between April to May 2013 and June to July 2013, the public was offered both online and in-person opportunities to present their ideas. The feedback gained from the consultations was essential in ensuring the ISMP met the needs of the campus community. 

Public Consultation

Public consultations on the development of UBC's Integrated Stormwater Management Plan were conducted in two phases. Phase one ran from April 28 to May 11 2013 online, with a public information session that took place on April 30.

Phase two had an online consultation conducted from June 25 to July 9, and a Public Information Session was held on June 25.

The consultation summary of feedback received in this phase is available below:

Next Steps

UBC’s Integrated Stormwater Management Plan was finalized in late 2013. Implementation of the ISMP, including new technical guidelines and construction of detention tanks will take place between 2013 and 2033. A Development Permit will be required for each project designed to implement this plan. Accordingly, there will be additional public consultation in keeping with the Development Permit review process as implementation progresses.

Planning staff at UBC have identified a few proposed locations on campus for the installation of the detention facilities over time, such as Gage South (near the SUB, Brock Hall and Irving K. Barber Learning Centre) and Marine Drive along the North side of campus. The exact location of proposed detention facilities may change, given campus development priorities and public consultation as part of UBC’s development approvals process.