UBC Neighbourhoods Child Care Needs Survey

We recognize that one of the biggest challenges for Metro Vancouver families is access to quality child care. To help us create child care solutions for families living in UBC neighbourhoods, we conducted a child care needs survey with residents.


The UNA Child Care Needs Survey was conducted in January and February 2016 with UBC neighbourhood residents. The primary purpose of the survey was to collect basic demographic information on households in UBC neighbourhoods, and to understand the child care needs and preferences of families with children 12 years or younger. 

To learn more about the key findings from the survey download the full report here.

Next Steps

The survey provided information that is essential for effectively understanding future child care demand in the neighbourhoods. The survey findings, plus analysis of relevant data policies and plans will be used to inform an update of the 2009 Child Care Plan. The updated plan will provide a strategy for implementation and distribution of child care spaces in the neighbourhoods and academic lands. The updated plan is expected to be completed by Spring 2017.

Future child care in the neighbourhoods will be managed by the UNA and run by a third party not-for-profit, such as the YMCA (i.e. not UBC Child Care Services). Child care in the academic lands will continue to be run by UBC Child Care Services.