Campus Entryways


Because they are often the first visual elements visitors see, our campus entryways need to provide a welcoming arrival experience.

The urban design initiatives set out in the Vancouver Campus Plan and the entryways improvement program in the UBC Public Realm Plan will transform the existing entryways. Building form and architecture integrated with natural landscapes and enhanced signage will give visitors a clear sense of arrival and belonging, and assist in establishing the University as a leading academic institution.

UBC Vancouver presently has five main entryways that serve as “ambassadors” for our campus:

  1. University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall
  2. Chancellor Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall
  3. Chancellor Boulevard and East Mall
  4. West 16th Avenue and Wesbrook Mall
  5. SW Marine Drive

The program of entryway improvements includes significant gateway features at Chancellor Boulevard and East Mall, and West 16th Avenue and Wesbrook Mall. For instance, the transition from forest to the more manicured academic campus core will be fostered through landscape design.