University Boulevard Water Feature

The proposal is for University Blvd - Pedestrian Pathways + Central Water Feature.

DP 11035

University Blvd - West Mall to East Mall

  •  DP Application Received - November 3, 2011


The University Boulevard Water Feature provides a landmark entrance to the historic core of the University, creating opportunities for social gathering.

This prominent gateway into the academic core of campus has been enhanced from East Mall to West Mall by replacing parking lots and roads with two broad walkways, seating, lighting, shade trees and a stormwater management feature. This feature consists of two sustainable design pieces, both operating on separate water systems:

  • The central water feature at the intersection of University Boulevard and Main Mall circulates potable water through an electric pump. A key sustainability feature of the fountain is a concept called ‘The Pulse’. The water flow will be regulated by computers programmed to class breaks, reflecting the rhythm of campus life while reducing the amount of energy used. At their peak, the jets will be 12 feet high only during 10 minutes between classes, making them visible from either end of Main Mall or University Boulevard. At night, the fountain will be switched over to a mist, further reducing energy use. This water feature demonstrates UBC’s commitment to providing an active, lively and engaging public space for the campus community.
  • The cascading water on University Boulevard is an exciting addition to stormwater management techniques being used on campus. Stormwater will is collected and fed into the feature, cleaned through biofiltration, and then stored in a cistern below University Square. The cleaned water is then released into the environment in a more controlled manner, reducing the volume of water and its erosive effects.


  • UBC Properties Trust
  • Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg

Manager, Development Services
(604) 822-1586

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