University Commons Phase 1: University Square

The proposal is for a new Commons at University Blvd, the Bosque and Student Union Blvd. Phase 1 includes the open area south of the New SUB and Alumni buildings.
  • DP 14037 (formerly DP 11001)
  • DP 14031 (Campaign Donor and Alumni Recognition piece)

University Blvd, East Mall, Bosque and Student Union Blvd

  • Public Consultation - Open House was originally held on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.
  • Public Consultation - Open House held on Tuesday November 25, 2014 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at South Side Lounge (next to Design Cube), SUB 6138 Student Union Blvd. 


DP14037(formerly DP11001): Campus and Community Planning in partnership with Properties Trust and the AMS have been busy planning the second of three large commons listed in the Public Realm Plan.  Construction of the first phase will coincide with the new SUB addition as well as the proposed Alumni Centre.  The Commons extends along East Mall from the Oak Bosque to University Boulevard.  Students, Faculty and Staff had the opportunity to review design concepts and provide feedback in March of 2010.  Features include: a series of connected spaces that embody the social heart of campus; programming which includes everything from everyday socialization to large scale social events; a porch to engage the edges of collective buildings as well as allow for elevated views into the University Square; and a defined pedestrian space that will allow easy circulation to key destinations such as the SUB and transit.

DP14031:  Development of a Campaign Donor and Alumni Recognition piece that recognizes the contributions of the 4,300 donors and tells the story of the gourndbreaking " Start an Evolution " fundraising and alumni engagement campaign. The work sits on the median east of the intersection of East Mall and University Boulevard.  Surrounding two crossed pathways, twenty triangular pillars will be arranged within the space in an organic and whimsical fashion to create a bold, vertical “surface” of light. This will be visible from afar and reveals further depth and detail as people approach. These pillars
are the physical embodiment of the campaign. The story of the “Start an Evolution” campaign is told symbolically through the use of pillars working to represent the inter-relatedness of activity at UBC and beyond its physical borders.


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