Baseball Stadium

The Spectator Hub includes an exciting donor funded opportunity to transform the existing baseball field to a spectator facility that would accommodate a range of varsity, competitive and recreation league games as well as community events.


The design for the new stadium will reflect the following broad vision:

To create a thriving and inclusive home for baseball within UBC’s unique natural setting. Innovatively integrating sports excellence, research and community, from the grassroots to the professional level, it will enhance UBC as a place that nurtures health and well being, creates memorable experiences and serves as a catalyst for growing the game. 

Key Plan

The facility will include:

  • Partial covered seating - 1000 ticketed seats with potential for future expansion
  • Additional outdoor general seating beyond the outfield
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Entry plaza for pre-game activities (i.e., music, food trucks)

Next Steps

As a donor funded project, the baseball stadium will proceed to detailed design and construction along the same approval process of capital projects that are fully funded. Consultation on the facility design will be part of the Development Permit process (estimated to take place in 2017).

Precendents (for illustrative purposes only)

Entry plaza at CHS Field, St. Paul MN 

Example of outfield berm seating 

Access diagram, and noise analysis (click to expand)