Facilities Need

While UBC is well served by many of its athletics and recreation facilities there are four key areas where campus community needs are not being met

Here is a map of UBC Athletics and Recreation athletics facilities, which are within the strategy’s scope:

The process to develop a recreation and athletics facilities strategy began in 2015 with research and analysis to understand UBC’s current and future recreational and athletics needs. Based on a campus-wide survey, comparative research, and an overview of existing facilities and programming, the following four key areas of need were identified: 

Recreational fitness space 

The lack of fitness centre space was by far the most significant gap identified in consultation, student surveys, in analysis of current facilities and in comparison to peer universities.

Gymnasium space 

Existing gymnasiums used for varsity, recreational, intramural and community sports are at or over capacity – 90% of evening drop-in programs at capacity and over 60 student intramural teams on waitlists.

Aging facilities

War Memorial Gym and Thunderbird Stadium are aging facilities with significant maintenance needs, deficiencies, and building systems that are reaching the end of their lifecycle.

Support facilities 

Support facilities, such as multi-use space, are needed for UBC’s recreation and athletics programs to grow and thrive. Athletics and Recreation administrators also identified office shortages and a need for additional space to locate coaches and varsity staff in one central hub.