Guiding Principles

The UBC Board of Governors has adopted a set of Guiding Principles to guide development of the strategy, each with criteria against which to evaluate proposed facility options and their trade-offs.


1. Align with UBC’s Core Academic Mission

  • Ensure that facilities reflect UBC’s strategic priorities
  • Allow sufficient land capacity for future academic growth

2. Promote the health and wellbeing of students, faculty, staff and residents

  • Increase and enhance access to quality sport and recreational facilities for those who learn, live, work, and play on our campus
  • Create opportunities for recreation activities and other events that build community and social engagement

3. Foster varsity excellence

  • Provide outstanding facilities for varsity athletics excellence on the national and world stage
  • Use varsity athletics in athletic facilities to engage the campus and surrounding community and to build school spirit

4. Embrace UBC’s history

  • Retain, where viable, the cultural, historic and community value of existing facilities like War Memorial Gym and Thunderbird Stadium

5. Build a sound business case

  • Ensure the strategy is financially sustainable and can leverage investment from a range of sources, which could include donors, commercial revenue, and potential incremental housing revenue

6. Explore land use and housing revenue opportunities

  • Align potential land use changes and incremental housing revenue opportunities with the University’s priorities, the timing of facility investments and Board of Governors’ Endowment policies