Thunderbird Stadium: Option 1b revised (Full renovation)

This option explores a full renovation of Thunderbird Stadium. Since the October consultation, exploration of alternatives for increasing the financial viability of this option, such as through an expanded neighbourhood area, are also being considered.

Option 1b: Full renovation and expansion of Thunderbird Stadium 

This option would provide significantly enhanced functional improvements to the stadium, to support expanded seating, new roof, and dressing room space, and integration of a new Athletics Centre of Excellence.

This option also addresses seismic deficiencies, deferred maintenance, life safety and code compliance issues.

The preliminary cost estimate for this option is approximately:

  • $25m for the stadium renovation 
  • $50m for the new Athletics Centre of Excellence 

Some things to consider

  • This option meets the long-term athletics program needs 
  • Thunderbird Stadium as a heritage building is retained 
  • The stadium remains isolated from rest of the Spectator Hub 
  • To support the Board approved principles of building a sound business case and exploring land use and housing revenue opportunities, exploration of additional development site area for this option is needed. This could be in the form of expanded neighbourhood area or increased building heights, which would be part of a future neighbourhood planning process and Land Use Plan amendment. 

Key Plan