Thunderbird Stadium - Option 2

In this option, a new Thunderbird Stadium and Athletics Centre of Excellence is located on Whit Matthews Field.

This option results in a relocation and increase in size of the future Stadium Neighbourhood housing area, which presents opportunities for additional housing and neighbourhood amenities. Additional development revenue could contribute to the cost of a new stadium and, potentially, result in more Endowment revenue to support UBC’s priorities. 

The preliminary cost estimate for this option is $30m for the new stadium and $50m for the Athletics Centre of Excellence. 

Some things to consider: 

  • This option meets the long-term athletics program needs 
  • It results in the loss of Thunderbird Stadium as a heritage building 
  • It places future Stadium Road Neighbourhood area adjacent to existing Hawthorn Place Neighbourhood & UBC Botanical Garden instead of the existing stadium 
  • It places the new stadium and Athletics Centre of Excellence within the Spectator Hub 
  • It results in the potential for increased housing area and development revenue from moving the stadium to contribute to costs of stadium upgrade 

Key Plan