C+CP Engagement Principles

As part of UBC’s commitment to engaging with the community, the UBC Board of Governors has adopted C+CP’s ten engagement principles to enable constructive dialogue with our community.

Through the Engagement Principles and Guiding Practices, Campus and Community Planning is engaging in an open conversation with the public and university stakeholders about planning and development as well as collaborating and partnering on community programs and services.

These principles create a clarity and transparency to how we define, design, implement and conclude public engagement in our land use and community planning processes. They were created through a consultation process with campus stakeholders and neighbouring governments, including student government, the UNA, the City of Vancouver and Musqueam.

Each principle has a set guiding practices that illustrate how the principles will be applied. Our engagement practices will continually be updated to reflect emerging needs and innovation in methods.

Annual Review of C+CP Engagement Principles

Every year Campus and Community Planning conducts an annual review of its engagement practices to reinforce transparency and accountability on the Board of Governors adopted Engagement Charter. 

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