Cellular Radio Frequency Study

Campus+Community Planning has commissioned a cellular radio frequency study to determine existing and future coverage needs on campus, and how cellular installation requests from carriers on the Point Grey campus could be more effectively managed.


If you are experiencing difficulties with cellular reception, please fill out the On-line questionnaire to provide feedback for the UBC Vancouver campus.

Phase 1 Study

The Phase 1 Cellular Radio Frequency Study Report, completed in 2012, reviews current and future coverage requirements, the process for assessing and regulating requests for new installations, and discusses how technological advancements in the telecommunications industry is expected to influence future infrastructure demands.

Phase 2 Study

Earlier this year, C+CP contracted the services of the same consultants to conduct further detailed assessments and recommendations to improve cellular service on UBC lands. Part of this work involves the engagement of the cellular carriers to participate in long-term planning processes. A better understanding of both current and future coverage needs is required to infrom these planning processes. In March 2013, UBC C+CP collected input from cell users who were experiencing service gaps on UBC lands. This information will be included in the Phase 2 study to be completed in mid-April. From now until the fall, the questionnaire has been reintroduced to allow cell users to report service gaps on an on-going basis.

For further information, contact:
Karen Russell, Manager, Development Services, Campus and Community Planning