Green Building Plan

UBC is in the process of developing a Green Building Plan for the Vancouver Campus.

The Green Building Plan will guide sustainable development of academic and residential neighbourhood building projects on the Vancouver Campus. The vision for the plan is to create a pathway for achieving buildings that contribute to a net-positive campus which promotes human and ecological wellbeing as expressed in UBC’s 20-year Sustainability Strategy.

Over the next year, we will develop the Green Building Plan through stakeholder engagement and evaluation of options, in order to create a 20-year framework (2015-2035) and a 5-year implementation plan.

Planning Process

We undertook preliminary interviews with key stakeholders in late 2016 to reflect and learn from past projects and the existing development process.

Workshops were held with a large group of stakeholders, experts, and faculty, to gather ideas on January 24 and 25, 2017. Reports from the workshops are available below. These successful events generated a great many thoughtful ideas and created valuable input for the plan.

We are currently holding focus groups (May and June 2017) for each theme in order to determine appropriate targets and develop a preliminary draft of UBC’s Green Building Plan.

Our campus community has a great capacity for innovation and creativity, if you have any further ideas on how UBC can develop a net-positive pathway for buildings, let us know! 

Penny Martyn, Green Building Manager at or 604-822-1657.