Stadium Neighbourhood Plan Consultation: Phase 1

The first phase of the Stadium Neighbourhood Plan public consultation is now complete. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback through the open houses and online survey between September 28 and October 22, 2017.

Public Consultation

Phase One of public engagement centered on a series of open houses, stakeholder meetings and an online survey to introduce the public to the planning process for the future neighbourhood in the area around Thunderbird Stadium. The goal of this phase was to solicit input on UBC’s existing neighbourhoods in terms of what works well and what could be improved, and to gather feedback on a series of draft guiding principles for neighbourhood planning. Through both the online survey and open house events the public was able to provide comments on a large aerial map of campus, address a number of questions on each draft guiding principle and share their ‘one big idea’. Our planning staff also had many conversations with participants at the events.

The following is a brief overview of what we heard during this process. The full summary of all input received is available in the consultation summary report, or in the related appendices at the bottom of the page.

The key themes that emerged from this first phase of engagement were:

  • Housing Affordability: The sentiment was that neighbourhood development should prioritize housing affordability, including housing that works for families. Affordability presents a challenge felt across the UBC community, notably for faculty, staff and student recruitment and retention and there is an opportunity to add to the mix of housing and tenure choices.
  • Planning for the UBC Community: Respondents expressed that there is a need for housing options that work for the UBC community, that fit a diverse campus, and that integrate with neighbourhood and university life.
  • Stadium and Neighbourhood Integration: A new stadium was identified as both a major concern for residents due to traffic and noise, as well as an opportunity to be a valuable neighbourhood amenity.
  • Transportation Connections and Transit Opportunities: Connectivity was identified as a primary concern for area residents, as well as the need for improvement of local transit options and the potential opportunity of future rapid transit service.
  • Protection of Natural Assets: The need to protect and enhance the functionality of natural systems was identified as a key theme throughout the consultation process.
  • Locally Serving Commercial Uses and Amenities: Feedback revealed a strong desire for uses and amenities in the new neighbourhood located within walking distance.
  • Form of Development: Locating higher density development appropriately, considering the site’s natural and neighbourhood context as well as the stadium, was a key theme.
  • Meaningful Community Engagement: There was strong feedback that the neighbourhood planning process should engage the community in a meaningful way at all stages of the process, in order to build trust and ownership of plan outcomes.


Next Steps

In response to public feedback, revised Guiding Principles for Neighbourhood Planning and a Terms of Reference for the Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the UBC Board of Governors for approval on Dec. 6, 2017, along with a consultation summary report.

The Board has approved the revised principles and Terms of Reference, and directed Campus and Community Planning to proceed with developing neighbourhood design options in 2018 with community and stakeholder involvement, and prepare a proposed plan that will be presented to the Board of Governors and public in late 2018/early 2019.

Phase Two of this consultation process will begin in Spring 2018.

Summary Documents


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