Aging Facilities

War Memorial Gym and Thunderbird Stadium are aging facilities that are unable to meet future athletics needs.

War Memorial Gym 

War Memorial Gym was designed in 1947 by the architecture firm Thompson Berwick and Pratt. With significant student-led fundraising, the building is a memorial to those who gave their lives in the two world wars. Located within the evolving U-Boulevard area of campus, the building is the most historic building in the area, but because of deferred maintenance and changing needs, it has surpassed its useful life-cycle and requires significant renovation to meet operational, accessibility and functional needs. 

Thunderbird Stadium 

Thunderbird Stadium was built in 1967 and features a unique, signature cable-stayed roof that cantilevers over a 3,500 seat grandstand. A 2009 building condition assessment found that building systems need to be updated and a 2016 seismic study showed that structural upgrades are required to bring the building up to code. Functionally, the building has a number of limitations, including seating with poor sight lines from certain angles and inadequate dressing rooms that are not directly connected to the field-of-play. 

Another limitation of the existing stadium is that it is separated from Thunderbird Park, other athletics facilities and parkades. 

War Memorial Gym and Thunderbird Stadium are identified as Heritage Resources under Policy 43 in the Vancouver Campus Plan and have cultural value to the campus and community that need to be considered in this process.