Planning Context - Stadium Road Neighbourhood

The Stadium Road Neighbourhood Plan will be developed over approximately 18 months and include broad public consultation.

Stadium Road Neighbourhood Planning

Stadium Road Neighbourhood Planning is expected to start in Fall 2017. The process will include broad public consultation over a number of phases and will take approximately 18 months. Depending on Thunderbird Stadium’s future, the process may also include changes to UBC’s Land Use Plan, such as an adjusted or expanded Stadium Road Neighbourhood boundary. 

UBC’s Land Use Plan specifies such things as: 

  • The neighbourhood boundary 
  • Average densities across campus (2.5 FSR) and per site (3.5 FSR), which is defined as the square footage of a building compared to its site size 
  • Maximum building heights of 65 meters (approx. 22 storeys) 
  • Minimum targets for affordable housing and open space 

Residential Floor Area and Population Totals for UBC Neighbourhoods 

The planning process will consider a number of topics, including: 

  • mix of housing types 
  • form of development (including building heights and densities) 
  • open and green space 
  • how people, bikes, vehicles, and transit get around, and 
  • impacts on surrounding areas. 

UBC’s Board of Governors approves the Stadium Road Neighbourhood Plan. Any changes to UBC’s Land Use Plan require support from UBC’s Board and the provincial government. 

Example Building Types Possible in Stadium Neighbourhood