Thunderbird Stadium - Shortlisted Options

Based on technical and financial analysis and public consultation, in December 2016, UBC’s Board of Governors approved the following short list of options for Thunderbird Stadium.

What We Heard: Spectator Facilities 

  • Strong support for keeping the existing Thunderbird Stadium if it can meet athletics program needs (Option 1b), and for a new stadium located on Matthews Field (Options 2 and 5). 

  • Options 2 and 5 perform best on ability to meet program needs, traffic, circulation and community fit 
  • Option 1b performs well on retention of heritage and program needs, but weak on potential to cover stadium costs through additional development revenue 
  • Options 3 and 4 perform weakest on community fit (noise, traffic and vibration). There were strong concerns from researchers regarding Option 4 (Osborne) due to noise and vibration, and strong concerns from Hampton and Hawthorne residents regarding Options 3 (Track) and 4 (Osborne) due to noise, traffic, and livability 

Further Analysis and Consultation 

Throughout early 2017, staff will continue technical and financial analysis as well as consult on short listed options 1b, 2 and 5. This work will carefully consider how each of the options performs against the six GamePlan principles as a basis for a final Strategy, to be presented to the Board of Governors in April, 2017.