War Memorial Gym - Shortlisted Options

Based on technical and financial analysis and public consultation, in December 2016, UBC’s Board of Governors approved the following short list of options for War Memorial Gym.

What We Heard: War Memorial Gym 

Strong support for full rebuild (Option C) as a first preference. This option promotes health and wellbeing, and fosters varsity excellence. The second preference was for the full renovation (Option B) as it embraces UBC’s history through the retention of the building. 

  • Option A performs weakest and does not measurably improve conditions for existing non-athletics users in War Memorial Gym 
  • Options B and C meet full 20-year recreation needs within significantly improved facilities 
  • Option C results in loss of heritage building, but elements of significance (name, specific features) could be retained in new facility 

Further Analysis and Consultation 

Throughout early 2017, staff will continue technical and financial analysis as well as consult on short listed options (see also following board for 2 new emerging options under consideration). This work will carefully consider how each of the options performs against the six GamePlan principles as a basis for a final Strategy, to be presented to the Board of Governors in April, 2017.