Student Union Blvd to University Blvd

Upgrades to pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure along Wesbrook Mall between Student Union Boulevard and the University Boulevard intersection commenced in January 2019.

Upcoming Improvements

  • Narrowing the road width to create more room for sidewalks, landscaping and bike lanes
  • A new pedestrian crossing at the Bus Exchange
  • New intersections at Student Union Boulevard and University Boulevard with shorter pedestrian crossing distances and waiting times
  • A ‘feature crosswalk’, street furniture and landscaping will be added at the University Boulevard intersection in order to create a sense of arrival at the main gateway to campus
  • Generous, universally accessible sidewalks, and features such as lighting, street trees, planting and seating at the University Boulevard intersection
  • Extended median area for pedestrians crossing University Boulevard or for taking photographs of the UBC monument

These upgrades are expected to be completed by fall 2019.

Feature Crosswalk

The design of a “feature crosswalk” at the intersection of University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall is been designed collaboratively between UBC and Musqueam to enhance the arrival experience to campus. The design of the crosswalk uses the UBC and Musqueam crests woven together, acknowledging that UBC is situated on the ancestral, traditional and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.