Process + Timeline

The process to develop the Design Vision Supplement and subsequent proposed amendment to the Neighbourhood Plan is taking place between October 2015 and April 2016.

Process: Draft Wesbrook Place Design Vision Supplement

The process to develop the draft Wesbrook Place Design Vision Supplement is taking place in three phases:

  • Phase 1 (2013): A series of workshops were held with UBC’s Advisory Urban Design Panel, and developers and their design teams that had worked on UBC projects 
  • Phase 2 (October 2015): A series of workshops, similar in format to the 2013 workshops, were held with UNA residents, adjacent stakeholders and other interested members of the campus community. The process to engage neighbourhood residents was designed in collaboration with the UNA. (view the consultation summary report here)
  • Phase 3 (February 2016): Public open house and online consultation with the campus community on the draft Wesbrook Place Design Vision Supplement and proposed Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Plan Amendment

Process: Proposed Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Plan Amendment

The process to amend map P-10 in the Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Plan was initiated in November 2015 and will include input from stakeholders and the campus community.

An Advisory Planning Committee (APC) of community stakeholders is advising on the development of the amendment and has also provided comment on the draft Design Vision Supplement. Representation on the APC includes:

  • Neighbourhood residents (3)
  • UBC Farm
  • Musqueam First Nation
  • Pacific Spirit Park Society/Wreck Beach Preservation Society
  • AMS, and
  • A University representative at large

Campus and Community Planning has also regularly briefed the UNA Board throughout the process.

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of stakeholders will review the proposed amendment to map P-10 and provide comment before it is referred to the UBC Board of Governors for approval in April 2016.

Process Timeline