U-Pass / Compass Card

Eligible students can load the U-Pass BC onto Compass Card.

About the U-Pass BC

U-Pass BC provides unlimited bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and Canada Line transit services within Metro Vancouver, as well as discounts on West Coast Express.  All eligible students at UBC’s Vancouver campus have access to the U-Pass BC program.

You can load your U-Pass BC onto an adult-class Compass Card, which are available from any SkyTrain Station and TransLink Fare Dealers including the UBC Bookstore.  The U-Pass BC program currently costs $39.50 per month and is assessed as part of your student fees.

Acquire an adult-class Compass Card

Students can link any adult-class Compass Card to their U-Pass BC benefit. Compass Cards can be purchased from TransLink’s FareDealers (including the UBC Bookstore), from any SkyTrain station, or online at compasscard.ca. 

If you’ve already been using an adult-class Compass Card as a retail customer, you can load the U-Pass onto the card you already own.

Request your montly pass

For each month that you are eligible for a U-Pass you will need to make a request online to link your U-Pass and Compass Card.  You can make the request anytime on or after the 16th of each month to ensure you can ride transit the following month. Set yourself a reminder - on your phone, in your diary.  You can complete the request using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Steps to request your monthly pass:

  • Visit upassbc.translink.ca
  • Select UBC as your Post-Secondary Institution
  • Enter your CWL login and password when redirected to UBC​​
  • Link your Compass Card if prompted, request your U-Pass BC benefit
  • Allow up to 24 hours for activation

It can take up to 24 hours for your U-Pass BC to load on to your Compass Card. Be sure to log in and request your benefit well in advance of the start to each month. Don’t get stuck without a transit pass.

Tap your Compass Card whenever you ride transit

Ride transit with your Compass Card is easy: tap in when entering a bus or tap in and tap out when you are entering and leaving a station through a fare gate. Card readers are located at all SkyTrain, Canada Line, and SeaBus fare gates, near bus doors, and at the entry and exit points to West Coast Express stations.

Your Compass Card must be tapped in to be considered a valid proof of payment.

Having Trouble? Quick Solutions to Common Issues

When I try to log in at upassbc.translink.ca, the website says I have an 'Inaccessible User Role'

The most common issue here is that your web-browser is trying to restore an earlier web session. To resolve this, please try the following:

  • Restart your browser
  • Clear your cache, or
  • Try logging in with a new browser

The “Inaccessible User Role” message can also appear when a student has more than one valid CWL.

  • Try logging in with your other CWL to request your U-Pass. 

If you continue to see this message and nothing above resolves it, contact IT Services at 604-822-2008 and tell them you are having trouble using your CWL to update your compass card.

I've lost my Compass Card. What do I do?

To prevent misuse, you should:

  • Unlink your compass card as soon as it is lost, and 
  • Transfer your U-Pass BC benefit onto a new Compass Card.

Both of these can be done easily through TransLink’s U-Pass BC Website

Students can link any generic adult-class Compass Card to their U-Pass BC benefit. These cards can be purchased from participating FareDealers including the UBC Bookstore, from Compass Vending Machines (CVMs) at SkyTrain stations, or online

I've registered for courses, and I was assessed for the U-Pass fee. Why does upassbc.translink.ca say I'm not eligible for next month?

If you believe you should be eligible, but are showing up as ineligible for the U-Pass BC program on TransLink’s website, check that your UBCcard (UBC ID) has not expired.  Expired cards can be replaced at ubccard.ubc.ca.  If your card has not expired, please come see our staff at the Carding office, or contact us via email.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

Important Information

Your Compass-U-Pass BC is not transferable. You must also carry a valid student ID (your UBCcard) with you at all times when riding transit.

The U-Pass BC program protects your privacy, more information is available online.

TransLink has created a videos and a guide on how to use your Compass Card. Visit the Compass Card website for more information.

Can't find an answer?  

Send us a short email, and we will assist you as soon as possible.  

~January 2016