Planting Food Gardens

Food gardens are opportunities to build and strengthen community relationships on campus. While, the UBC Farm serves as the place where academic and market aspects of food growing are fully realized, UBC supports food growing and other community managed gardens in the academic core of campus.

To grow a food garden at UBC, you need to apply for a permit. Learn more about the permit application process below.

Tomato plants grown at the UBC Farm
Tomato plants grown at the UBC Farm

Food Garden Principles

When applying for a food garden permit, please take into account the following Principles of Food Growing Gardens on Campus:

  • Any party interested in establishing a food growing garden in the academic core of campus will be required to submit an application describing the project, group members, broad support for the initiative and accountability.
  • It is assumed that interested parties have an interest in creating a strategy that results in a sustainable longer term garden.  To support this objective, gardens must be designed to look like intentional and permanent components of the campus landscape.
  • Garden must be coherent with campus design. Inappropriate locations would include formal landscapes that are fostering a broader campus aesthetic (e.g. Main Mall). Courtyards and other areas discreet and closely related to the everyday use patterns of building occupants are appropriate for consideration.

Permit Application Process

  1. Review the Principles of Food Growing Gardens on Campus included above and UBC Climate-Ready Food Garden Management Plan
  2. Download the permit application form for Food Growing Gardens on Campus 
  3. Fill out application form and email it to Development Services at Campus and Community Planning at

Download Food Garden application form

Email Development Services