Green Building Action Plan

The Green Building Action Plan (GBAP) was approved by the Board of Governors in September, 2018.
Living wall at CIRS

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The GBAP vision is for UBC’s buildings to make net positive contributions to human and natural systems by 2035.

GBAP component areas diagram
The Green Building Action Plan has eight different component areas as seen in this diagram

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What Would You Like to Learn About?

  1. Institutional building requirements: Requirements for institutional buildings on the UBC academic campus.

  2. Institutional policies and plans: Policies and plans that are relevant to the GBAP and institutional buildings. 

  3. Residential building requirements: Requirements for residential buildings in UBC neighbourhoods.

  4. Links to teaching, learning and research

Green Building Action Plan Overview

For both institutional and residential buildings, the GBAP provides ambitious goals, targets and actions in eight distinct but interrelated component areas: energy, water, materials and resources, biodiversity, health and wellbeing, quality, climate adaptation, and place and experience.

GBAP plan structure
The structure of the Green Building Action Plan


Actions within each of the 8 component areas of the GBAP are sorted, with highest-priority actions intended to be completed within five years (short term). The actions follow a structured cycle of research, benchmarking, piloting, implementation and monitoring to help inform policy and enable continuous improvement of UBC buildings. 

  1. Research and review to advance knowledge of the component area through staff reviews of international best practices, academic research projects and consultant work.
  2. Benchmark and develop metrics to establish standards of measurement for the component area and set levels of performance.
  3. Pilot new approaches and installations to test, learn and inform the development of policy and practices.
  4. Implement policy and practices to put the experiences of steps 1 to 3 into action and introduce new policy or strengthen existing policy.
  5. Monitor and evaluate to learn from experience and encourage continuous improvement in UBC’s buildings.

GBAP plan process and connection to research
The research cycle that is built into the actions laid out in the Green Building Action Plan

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