Rapid Transit at UBC

The continuation of the Broadway Subway to UBC supports regional prosperity, affordability and sustainability by connecting research, health, innovation, employment and housing destinations.
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A SkyTrain to UBC

Campus and Community Planning is playing a lead role in advocating for SkyTrain to UBC because it will ensure the university hits its transportation mode share goals and enable the university to better meet the housing needs of the UBC community.

Sustainable Transportation

There are over 156,000 trips to and from UBC each day and just over half of these trips are on transit. With SkyTrain to UBC, transit ridership will increase significantly and the university will hit its 2040 sustainable mode share goal immediately. The overall impact will be a reduction in GHG’s, fewer peak-hour auto trips from the road network and a reduction in total distance travelled by vehicles. 

UBC Housing

UBC has a daytime population of about 80,000 people, which is larger than most BC municipalities. UBC is building more on-campus housing for faculty, students and staff, to address housing affordability and create more livable, walkable and sustainable communities. As more people are attracted to living at UBC, a reliable rapid transit link will be that much more important, connecting the campus to other employment, health and innovation hubs as well as neighbourhoods across Metro Vancouver.


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