Outdoor Events

The Film & Events Office is responsible for managing and approving all outdoor event requests at UBC.

Please read through the outdoor event application process before submitting your outdoor event application. There is a separate process for booking rooms and indoor spaces on campus. Please go to students.ubc.ca for more information.

We look forward to working with you on your outdoor event!

A photo showing tents and picnic tables outside for the annual Chef Challenge.

NOTE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines until further notice

The Public Health Order is amending the gathering and events order. Up to 10 people may now gather outdoors. All restrictions for indoor gatherings remain in place. For example:

  • Up to 10 people may gather at a park or beach
  • Up to 10 people may gather in the backyard of a residence
  • No gatherings of any size are allowed indoors

Do not gather with several groups of new people – stick to the same people. Continue to use COVID-19 layers of protection and maintain physical distancing.

To read the full order, click here: Province-wide Restrictions

If you had an event planned with in-person components during this period, and are unsure of whether the event should go ahead, or whether your COVID-19 Safety Plan requires further review, please contact ready.ubc@ubc.ca for UBCV or ready.ok@ubc.ca for UBCO

UBC COVID-19 Safety Rules and Protocols

Operational and Safety Planning and Training

All on-campus outdoor events require a UBC Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure effective controls are in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Please use the following template as your safety plan. 

Training modules are now also being provided for UBC employees - Vancouver Okanagan

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Contact the Film & Events Office at outdoor.events@ubc.ca.