Permits and Business Licenses

Campus + Community Planning regulates the design and construction of the buildings, structures and public realm on UBC Vancouver’s academic and neighbourhood lands. This includes the issuance of development and building permitting and business licences.

The regulatory process for both development and building permits as well as business licences is governed by UBC Policy UP12: Land Use, Permitting and Sustainability. This Policy enables UBC to establish Land Use Rules which respect development, sustainability, construction, lease agreements, security, use, occupancy, density, landscaping, noise, nuisance, signage, wayfinding, road function and standards, fees, charges, permits, and licenses, including business licenses.

The following are UBC’s Land Use Rules and where each applies:

UBC Vancouver

UBC Neighbourhood Areas

UBC Vancouver Map

UBC map
Click to enlarge map showing UBC boundary, Neighbourhood Areas, and campus green spaces.

Learn more about our different permitting and licensing processes below: