Building and Trades Permits

At UBC all projects identified in the BC Building Code need a building permit. This includes: new building construction; additions or alterations; buildings undergoing a change of occupancy; and upgrading of buildings to remove an unacceptable hazard.

UBC administers the BC Building Code for all building and construction on campus to ensure the health, safety and protection of persons and property. All applications are required to conform to the most current edition of the BC Building Code.

Electrical and gas trade permits required for UBC buildings are administered by Technical Safety BC.

Campus + Community Planning, Building Inspections is responsible for administering the BC Building Code on campus and issuing permits for building and related activities. 

Types of Building Projects

Building Permit applications are processed based on two categories: major projects and all other projects.

Major Projects - Greater than $5 million

These projects have a construction value greater than $5 million. For this category, Campus + Community Planning retains an independent Coordinating Code Consultant (CCC) to perform third party plan review for compliance with the BC Building Code. The Chief Building Official issues a Building Permit for the project upon the recommendation of the Coordinating Code Consultant appointed for the project.

Staged Building Permit applications (for the excavation and shoring phase, the foundation and structural to grade phase, and full building permit phase) are possible. Upon the issuance of the Building Permit, the CCC will undertake field reviews during construction for Building Code compliance.

All Other Projects - Less than $5 million

This category includes projects that have a construction value of less than $5 million, UBC Renewal Projects and projects on institutional land not managed by UBC. Campus+Community Planning reviews all Building Permit applications to ensure they comply with the BC Building Code and issues Building Permits accordingly.

Staged building permit applications may be permissible depending on the nature of the project. All building permits for demolition will be administered by the Chief Building Official, Campus + Community Planning.

Application Process and Forms