Filming and Photography

The Film & Events Office is responsible for managing and approving all filming and photography requests at UBC.

Locations at UBC

Most buildings owned and operated by UBC are available for filming.  Availability depends on programming occurring within the building and scheduled activity taking place on campus.

Here is a listing of UBC locations:

  • Both University of British Columbia campuses (Vancouver and Okanagan)
  • UBC Robson Square 
  • Malcolm Knapp Research Forest in Maple Ridge
  • UBC Boathouse in Richmond 

Buildings not owned and operated by UBC must be contacted directly to obtain approval. These buildings include, but not limited to: TRIUMF, BC Research, UBC Hospital, Vancouver School of Theology, TEF3, and Don Rix Building.

Commercial Fees

The commercial location fee will be $3,000 per shoot day and $1,500 per prep/wrap day. Commercial photography rates will be $1,500 per day. 

Commercial location fees are waived for bona fide student class productions. Students are required to pay all the other applicable fees such as parking, security, building operations, building rentals, etc.

Other fees include:

  • Parking: $1.25 per linear foot; $20.00 per day per parking space.   
  • Security/Liaison: up to $75 per hour. At least one security person, UBC film liaison or department liaison is required during filming. 
  • Building Operations: hourly rate for personnel vary depending on request (HVAC shutdown, movement of UBC property such as furniture, etc. ) and trade request (electrician, custodial, etc.).    
  • Facility Rental Fees: additional contracts and room rental fees may apply.
  • Other fees may apply depending on location and filming requirements.


For news footage, press conferences or news related interviews with UBC staff please contact Media Relations.

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