Minor Institutional or Neighbourhood (Non-Institutional) Projects Process

Minor institutional and neighbourhood, or non-institutional, projects are located on either the UBC academic campus or in UBC neighbourhoods and have less significant impacts on the built environment due to their limited size or scope. Examples are minor exterior changes to existing buildings, small temporary structures, or landscape changes.

Learn more about the Development Permit application process for minor projects below:

Step 1: Prepare Development Permit application form 

Questions? Please contact:

Development Services



Step 2: Submit Development Permit application form and plan submission

Step 3: Circulation of application to relevant staff for comment and review.

Step 4: Recommendations by Development Review Committee

Step 5: Revision to plan prepared and submitted by applicant or required by Director of Planning, Development Services

Step 6: Development Permit issued (with conditions)

Step 7: Building Permit application or Streets and Landscape Permit application submission