Drone Filming and Drone Use Request Form

Please fill out the following form for all drone filming and research-related drone use requests on the UBC Vancouver academic campus.

Form Submission Deadline

If this request is for UBC research purposes, please submit this form at least five business days prior to drone-use. For all other requests, submit this form at least ten business days prior to filming. 

Prior to completing this form, please review the Drone Use Guidelines page.

Some key considerations: 

  • If you are filming for commercial purposes, a storyboard and detailed outline indicating how UBC property/assets will be used must be provided separately.
  • Please ensure that you are not flying near student and/or private residential buildings. 
  • A Certificate of Insurance of $5 million with UBC named as additional insured is required. 
  • UBC is only responsible for approving filming requests for the academic campus. UBC is not able to approve requests for filming on streets and buildings outside the campus (i.e. West 16th Avenue and Marine Drive) or in the adjacent neighborhoods (i.e. Wesbrook). For those areas, please contact Transport Canada. 
Purpose of drone filming or drone-use

I will be use a drone for:
In case of poor weather on the proposed date listed above, please provide alternative dates/times below.
more items
Important: Requests must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to drone use unless your request is for UBC research purposes, in which case please ensure this form is completed at least five business days prior to filming. 
One file only.
64 MB limit.
Allowed types: PDF, JPG.
One file only.
64 MB limit.
Allowed types: PDF, JPG.
If you do  not have a drone pilot certificate, please visit the Transport Canada website to learn how to obtain one. 

Drone pilots must carry a valid drone pilot certificate at all times while operating their drone. A valid drone pilot certificate is a printed or electronic document issued by Transport Canada. No other form of certification will be accepted.
Size of drone
All drones over 250g  in weight must be registered. This includes custom-built drones and drones built from a kit or off-the shelf. 

To learn more about registering your drone, visit the Transport Canada website.