Institutional Building Requirements

To improve clarity particularly for renovations and retrofits, institutional green building requirements have been identified for each tier and are as follows:

The Green Building Action Plan Institutional Tier System
Tier 1 New buildings - large

>1000 m2

and/or >$5 million

Tier 2 New buildings - small

<1000 m2

>$5 million

Tier 3

Major project renovations

a) Renewal (includes envelope and mechanical system upgrades)

b) Other (extensive interior upgrades)

>$5 million
Tier 4 Partial fit-outs

<$5 million

>$1 million

Tier 5 System upgrades (ex. chiller replacements, controls etc.) N/A

Embodied Carbon in Buildings

Embodied carbon represents a significant impact and, as operational emissions are reduced, it represents an even greater proportional share of the impact. Learn more about what UBC is doing to reduce embodied carbon in buildings on campus.